Why dog need to wear cloth?

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About why pets are dressed? 

I have a few points to say.

1 The skin of pets is more sensitive. After cutting short hair in summer, the skin is easy to be sunburned. Pet Clothes can help pets protect their skin.

2 In summer, the air conditioning is turned on at home, and the floor is very cold. Wearing clothes can prevent pets from getting cold to the stomach and having diarrhea or cold. The pet's body adjustment ability is not sensitive. 

3.In spring and autumn season, it is cold in the morning and evening, clothes can protect their body temperature.

4: When taking pets  to play in the park or on the grass, putting clothes can avoid weeds and dirty dogs sometimes drool. Bring it with a saliva towel or scarf. 

5 can avoid saliva flowing to its god and dirty hair. 6 Pets will lose a lot of hair during the hair change period, resulting in a lot of hair at home.