How to choose a pet carrier for a new pet owner

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How should a novice cat owner choose a cat bag

What style of cat bag is the most practical! Let me share with you some of my journey through the novice stage of buying a pet carrier

When buying a cat bag, you must look for these criteria:

 1. Comfort: large space, good breathability; the material is strong and stiff, not soft and easy to sit flat.

Therefore, the lightning protection space is small, the breathability is poor, and the rake is soft! Such as chest bags, cross-body bags, pet backpack etc.

2. Security: good privacy and concealment to prevent stress. Cats are particularly sensitive and alert to sounds and unfamiliar external environments!

Therefore, the lightning protection transparent cat bag and the trolley case and the cat bag are simply not cat-like designs. I am speechless. 

The trolley case is so big. Is it designed to be funny? It is easy for people to pull it, but the cat is scared to death.

3. Choose something that is convenient and labor-saving to carry around.

To put it simply, it is easy to carry and carry on your back.

 Please take it easy, otherwise the weight of the cat bag will be too heavy! Especially for girls, it is very difficult. Hematemesis and sorting out