Select the correct mode of pet leash​

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Select the correct mode of pet leash

Parents often ask how to choose a suitable chest belt fortheir children, and here will give you the answer.

When the dog moves forward, a strap wrapped around thechest will hinder its progress, just as a man has a rubber bandwrapped around his arm during a walking exercise.  The movement of the forelegs is inhibited, just as the rubber bandsuppresses the swing of the arm.

We know that the center of rotation of the dog's forelimb is at thetop of the scapula, demonstrating the importance of scapulamovement to dog movement. When choosing a chest strap, you canunderstand the importance of free movement of the dog's shoulders.

This means that the shoulder blade area (pink) cannot haverestraints and cannot pass through the chest.

Therefore, how to choose ergonomic traction chest belt ( pet leash) ,there is areference to the answer.