BH-A6007 3/5M Reflective Retractable Dog Leash S/M Sizes with Shoulder Strap for Hands-Free Dog Cat Leash


  • Shelf time:2024-04-03
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product details

  1. High precision innercore for smootherleash extension

  2. Extra shoulderstrap to free hands

  3. Quick&durable braking system Two braking modes

  4. Mode 1:long-time lock Lock:After pressing the large button,push the small button forwardUnlock:Push back the small button to release

  5. Mode 2: Brief lock Pressing the large button only

  6. W-shaped rope outlet

  7. The W-shaped leash outlet design ensures a 360 smooth extension without tangling

  8. Ergonomic handle, wrapped inTPE for a comfortable grip

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