Pet Science Tips

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1.When puppies suddenly start to destroy things in the house or even bite their owners' hands and feet, it's because their milk teeth are growing and it makes them feel very itchy. They need to chew on things to help relieve the discomfort.

2.No matter how hot the weather is, dogs should not be exposed to air conditioning or fans for extended periods of time, as it can easily cause them to catch a cold and develop various diseases.

3.Newly bought puppies should not be bathed immediately, especially those who haven't been vaccinated yet. If cleaning is necessary, a towel can be used to wipe them down with warm water.

4.When a puppy is in a new and unfamiliar environment, it may continuously bark due to anxiety. Doing things to make it feel more secure can help alleviate this behavior.

5.If a pet is bleeding due to an injury, excessive bleeding can lead to loss of consciousness, so the owner should quickly apply pressure to the bleeding area to stop the bleeding.

6.If a pet experiences breathing difficulties, the first thing to do is to calm it down and then check what is causing the problem.

7.After an injury, a pet's behavior may become erratic and aggressive. Owners should be cautious and prevent themselves from being bitten or scratched by using a muzzle.

8.If a pet is accidentally burned, all symptoms are the same as those experienced by humans, so the same methods can be used to treat the wound. However, it's important to prevent the pet from licking the wound and causing an infection.