Pet backpack size introduction

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Pet backpack size introduction

Pet backpack sizes vary depending on product design and pet size. The following is an introduction to the size of the pet backpack, mainly referring to the relevant information and numbers in several articles:

1.common size range

Small pet backpack: usually suitable for smaller pets, such as small dogs, cats and so on. The size may be compact, but it is enough to provide a comfortable space for pets to rest.

Medium and large pet backpacks: Suitable for larger pets, this type of backpack usually provides more spacious interior space to ensure the comfort of the pet.

2. Specific size examples

Pet backpack: size 360✖250✖440mm, suitable for pets within 10kg. This size is suitable for most small and medium-sized pets and provides plenty of room to move around.

Space capsule pet backpack: size 330✖300✖450mm, suitable for pets less than 8kg. This backpack is stylish and spacious, making it ideal for pets that need more room to move around.

Portable pet cat transparent bag: divided into small and large, small size is 360✖220✖200mm, suitable for pets less than 2.5kg; The large size is 420✖260✖350mm, suitable for pets up to 7.5kg. This transparent design allows pets to see the outside environment and reduces tension.

3. Choose suggestions

When choosing the size of a pet backpack, the appropriate size should be determined according to the size and weight of the pet. A backpack that is too large or too small can be uncomfortable for your pet and even affect its safety.

If you plan to travel or travel with your pet, make sure the backpack you choose complies with the carrying regulations of the relevant vehicle.

In general, pet backpacks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate pets of different sizes and weights. In the selection, the comfort and safety of the pet should be fully considered, as well as the actual convenience of carrying and using.