Things to know about pet raising for beginners

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Things to know about pet raising for beginners

Before we decide to get a pet, it is important to consider the responsibilities associated with pet owner ship,Such as pet safety and care matters.

1:When pets go out, we need to pet leashes, poop bags, and water bottles, pet carriers.

It is important to keep pets on leashes in public places to ensure their safety, avoid children and the elderly, reduce unnecessary conflicts between people and pets, and ensure that dogs can play happily

2.Dog license

To prevent the city management from suddenly showing up and taking away your puppy.

Leave identification tags and owner information on pet collars to prevent them from getting lost

3. You need to pay attention to the weather and time before going out.

In order to prevent our dogs from heatstroke or colds, we avoid going out at noon in summer and early in the morning in winter. If you encounter a thunderstorm, you can wait until the weather gets better before going out.

4.Don’t stop your puppy from sniffing

For dogs, smelling smells is also a way to relieve stress.

5.Don’t let your dog eat freely

In addition to the garbage on the ground, there is also food from passers

When walking your dog, you must pay attention to emergencies, so the leash is very important.

7. Take care of pets

Need to provide your pets with the right food and nutrition based on their age and breed

8 Regular preventive care measures are essential to the health and well-being of our pets

9. Consciously clean up feces, bring a poop bag, and do a good job of pet hygiene so as not to have a negative impact on other people. Let our dogs and humans co-exist in harmony. 

10 If you have anything to add, you can leave a message to the site owner and discuss how to better raise our dogs.