Expressing love freely and unconditionally is a form of healing

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Some say that having pets is a pursuit of a 'certain' kind of love, and it seems to be true! Simply providing food and water, daily companionship – it doesn't involve complicated processes to build a bond. Yet, they already consider you the best in the world.

Even more wonderful is the fact that cats and dogs themselves bring boundless healing. Through them, expressing love freely and unburdened can heal us countless times over. This exchange of needs, the mutual dependency, makes me feel alive.

In the not-so-calm world of adults, just watching a cat groom its paws or a dog lay on the ground lost in thought provides an overwhelming sense of certainty. Thankful for the lessons on 'intimate relationships' that the world has given me, where these furry companions play vital roles, allowing me to experience the beauty of both being loved and loving in return, each moment becomes a form of solace.

In this journey, I appreciate the reassurance that 'certainty' brings. Whether it's a cat licking its paws or a dog daydreaming, they both provide that sense of security. In a world that isn't always tranquil, these simple moments allow me to feel alive.

I am immensely grateful to the world for offering me this lesson in 'intimacy,' where our pets play significant roles, reminding me that being loved and giving love are both beautiful things.